Thrivent Choice®

Ready to give back?
The choice is yours.

Through Thrivent Choice, you can contribute to organizations and causes you care about – and influence how Thrivent distributes some of its charitable funding.

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Are you an organization interested in learning about Thrivent Choice? Find out what that means for your group.

  • Make a Personal Donation
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    Maximize your impact

    A financial gift has the potential to be life changing. Anyone can make a personal donation to enrolled organizations through Thrivent’s online giving platform. We’ll pay the processing fees* so your entire gift goes to the organization you choose – making the most of your gift.

    • Thrivent, in partnership with Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing™, facilitates the online donations to organizations.
    • Choose from more than 40,000 churches and nonprofits.

    Make a personal donation

  • Direct Choice Dollars
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    Help guide our giving

    Each day, organizations across the country are doing incredible things to strengthen communities and change lives. Clients can support that important work by directing Choice Dollars to any of more than 40,000 enrolled churches and nonprofit organizations.

    • By directing Choice Dollars, eligible clients with membership recommend where Thrivent distributes a portion of its charitable funding.
    • Clients become eligible to direct Choice Dollars based on their insurance premiums and contract values. See Choice Dollars details

    Direct Choice Dollars

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  • Recommend an Organization
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    Share your recommendation

    Thrivent clients with membership can nominate churches and nonprofit organizations for enrollment in the program. Once enrolled, the organization is included in the online Thrivent Choice catalog and can:

    • Receive online personal donations through Thrivent’s online giving platform. Thrivent pays the processing fees* so that 100% of the donation goes to the organization.
    • Be supported by Thrivent Action Teams.
    • Receive Choice Dollars grant funding.

    Check if an organization is enrolled

    Check organization’s eligibility requirements

    Recommend an organization

  • Search for an Organization
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    Browse the catalog

    Search the Thrivent Choice catalog to see if the charitable organization you’re looking for is already enrolled. More than 40,000 organizations participate in the Thrivent Choice program.

    Search organizations

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What does Thrivent Choice mean for your organization?

As an organization enrolled in Thrivent Choice, here’s what the program has to offer.

Thrivent Choice:

  • Is easy to administer.
  • Provides an online platform for donors to make donations. Thrivent pays the processing fees.*
  • Can provide your organization with monthly electronic grants, as eligible clients direct Choice Dollars to your organization.
  • Gives you greater visibility by placing your organization in an online catalog.
  • Offers the support of Thrivent’s financial professionals, volunteers and resources to help put the program to work for your organization.

Thrivent Choice resources

Whether you’re interested in promoting your organization’s participation or you’re an eligible client looking for more information, we’ve got tools and resources to make the process simple.