We're a membership organization of Christians, and our members are our owners. This means our leaders and governing body work in the interest of our membership – not third-party shareholders, like publicly traded companies. Discover more about Thrivent's purpose in our Articles of Incorporation (PDF).

Board Oversight & Structure

As Thrivent's supreme governing body, the board of directors oversees all matters involving Thrivent and focuses on serving the interests of our members, now and into the future.

Elected by our benefit members, the board:

  • Establishes and promotes our organizational objectives and mission.
  • Oversees major business decisions.
  • Works with leadership to assess and manage risk.

Financial Information

Thrivent is a membership-owned fraternal and holistic financial services organization. As a commitment to our clients and stakeholders, we offer the following financial information.

Annual Reports Audited Financial Statements Statutory Annual Statements

For questions regarding our corporate financial information, please contact:

Joe Barnes
Director of Reporting & Controls

Our Compensation Philosophy

Thrivent is a Fortune 500 company, with a national sales force and over 2 million members. With a responsibility for managing billions of dollars in insurance and investment products, we need strong and talented leaders who understand the complexities of the highly regulated financial services industry. They also need to have a passion for strengthening their communities. That is why we make compensation decisions at every level of the organization based on our Total Rewards Philosophy.

  • Thrivent is a membership organization of Christians. We help people achieve financial clarity, enabling lives full of meaning and gratitude.
  • We are called to serve. We believe our purpose is a key differentiator, and that our success depends on the unique talents, experiences, ideas and contributions of our people.
  • We believe attracting and retaining people who are dedicated to our purpose and who are trustworthy in character and competence will create long-term value for our membership. We accomplish this by offering fair and competitive rewards, creating opportunities for continued development and growth, and nurturing a performance-oriented culture in which employees are rewarded and recognized for delivering results. We do not believe that attracting people who are solely motivated by compensation is in the long-term interest of our membership.

To request additional information, please contact:

VP, Chief of Staff to the CEO
Greg McCullough